Great Truths on a PvP Server


I’ve been playing on Sargeras a whole lot lately, because I love playing fire or frost mage.  But, there are a couple of truths in world pvp in particular, that end up as pixel gut-feelings I’ve come across.

On Argus with a clump of good quests to be done? Yep, a group of horde will be trying to kill Alliance.

That single hunter isn’t going to attack you, but when a healer comes to help them, you better believe they are going to attack you.

Need to do a critical quest, like Timewalking turn in for the MoP dungeons? Yep, gonna be 40 horde camping the ever loving fuck out of the quest giver area.

You see a class that needs ramp-up like a frost mage these days, ramping up around your general area? Yeah they are going to try to one-shot you with glacial spike. When spriests had orbs it was a similar thing.


Oh and of course, your fellow Alliance probably won’t give a shit either.


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