First Order

I realized I’ve been neglecting my druid, and WoW in general.  I haven’t raided for a really long time, but I still had pvp both in the world and with SPM.  Well I left SPM and with this expansion, world pvp hasn’t really been viable. Healing at the start of the expansion was really difficult as heals felt weak but it’s better now.

I also fell out of groups in general.  Time Lords has no activity, no one logs into the Gnomish Inquisition on Sargeras, and I have no guild with my MW on Thunderhorn.  My friends list is basically nothing for the first time basically ever.  I’m not terrible sure how this happened either, being a healer use to mean being asked to join activities constantly, but no longer.  I think that’s why I started playing my mage because you can at least get things done as a dps.

So, my first order of business THIS week is to find a guild that does things.  Then, get the frost weapon skin from the mage tower one way or another.  Also gear up Coquette and try to get that beautiful ice blue feral skin.

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