Loot Systems

I heard with this expansion people aren’t too happy with all the RNG.  That made me think of my favorite way loot occurred, during Cata. You ran dungeons to get justice points. Once you had enough of that, you could buy up to 2 pieces of your 4 piece set bonus.  You raided in BLUES.  I raided in blues!!  Then if you wanted your 4 piece, you raided.

Of course when Dragon Soul came out, you could kind of just go into LFR and get your welfare 4 piece but still.

Currently as I seem to understand it in Legion, you do dungeons and RNG on loot type and drops.  Then you do mythics with +10 being desirable.  Then you.. also raid?  And possible lfr?  And the loot drops are entirely rng.  I don’t believe sets even exist any more either.  I could be wrong, it’s been a while since I’ve raided.  I miss those though.

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