Ana’s Deal

Since I earned the kitty-face Ana skin, I decided to play her a little more.  I’m really trying to figure out her toolkit though.

NO mobility.  She’s a sniper, but she doesn’t have a climb (Hanzo) or a grapple (Widow).

She cannot self heal passively like Lucio, Mercy, Zenyatta, Symmetra.  Like Moria she can heal herself with a cool down BUT it’s at a loss of using it’s other abilities, most of the time.  Moria can throw her healing ball to heal herself and as it travels, hit other players.

Her heal bomb has 3 potential effects but it’s a single use on a long cd.  Throw it at your own feet and heal yourself.  Throw it at someone else and heal them.  That’s typically an OR.  You’re a SNIPER, what the ever loving fuck are you doing close enough to your team to hit you and them? OR you can throw it on an enemy and they cannot heal themselves or get healing for the duration.  So that’s 3 “OR’s” but only 1 grenade.  Junkrat has a bomb that pushes back/damages enemies OR allows him mobility.  So what did they do? Oh they gave him 2 charges.  Ana has 3 choices but gets 1 chance.

She has to aim her god damn heals.  Have you ever tried to snipe heal a Tracer, Genji, or some other crackhead skinny minny? Come on. I’m talking both with the gun and throwing the healing bomb, which is tossed in an arc  with no good way (maybe because I suck I dunno) to see where it’s going to land.

On top of that, she has ammo so may need to reload at a critical moment.

And sleep dart you have to aim, so GL hitting anyone smaller than a I don’t really have a problem with this though.

If it were up to me, I would give her double heal grenade,  and Zen’s targeting for friendlies.  You’d still have to legit aim for enemies.  Call it a day.



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