Alliance are Jerks, GO HORDE

So, I decided to make a new mistweaver because it’s been a long while since I played it and I honestly don’t remember how now that chi generation is gone.  I’m still on the Wandering Isle but about to choose my faction, and holy geez is it heavily horde biased.

You first run into a Tauren who comments he was a prisoner of the Alliance but he seems like a nice guy.  Then you run into a goblin who is going to help dislodge the Alliance ship who apparently carelessly crashed into the giant turtle Shen-zin Su, but when they do so, it leaves a critical wound.

God damn alliance right!

During these questions you run around collecting things and you only see horde npcs also killing the things fighting you (an orc is what I saw).  Then on top of that, once you cure the wound, all the human female does is threaten to toss the kindly Tauren right back in jail.




You aren’t fooling me though Blizzard, Alliance all the way!  But I can’t imagine any new player would EVER choose Alliance thanks to these quests.

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