It was fun for me

I realized making some classes easier was beneficial, for example hunters in MoP, I believe it was, were energy starved all the time, you had to use the shot that brought back focus (I forget the name, focus shot? I dunno) sometimes 2-3x in a row and after every few shots.  That got fixed.  Feral druid, for me at least, was SO DIFFICULT in MoP I literally could’t play it successfully until WoD where it was very enjoyable. At least, for killing Horde.

But a lot of classes lost not just silly flavor spells that were of little to no use.  They often lost giant mechanics that were kind of an interesting thing to think about while playing.

For instance, during Cata when a disc priest cast PW Shield, they got Borrowed Time, which was a haste buff to their next spell which was typically Penance.  Penance applied Grace which increased your other healing spells to using a big or fast heal was augmented.  That’s all completed gone and although we have ‘atonement’ to keep an eye on, it’s barely anything.

Or my resto druid in particular, eesh!  You don’t have to stack Lifebloom, thank goodness but, I liked keeping it refreshed with a direct heal.   You can’t do that any more.  I liked keeping up Harmony, which was also refreshed by casting direct heals.  I liked needing rejuv on a target to use Swift Mind.  It made you think a little bit.  That’s all gone. Swift mend is just a cool down, you have to manually refresh lifebloom with lifebloom, and as far as I know, Harmony doesn’t exist in it’s old form.

It’s basically just randomly pushing buttons that have nothing to do with anything.

I did start a new monk to relearn Mistweaver and it appears it hasn’t changed much (other than losing fantastic Grapple Weapon!) other than not watching Chi stacks.  I LIKED WATCHING CHI STACKS.   You can still cast enveloping mist and uh, the other one, instantly while channeling soothing mist but there is nothing to track any more.  It’s just, boring.

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