Good deeds and getting myself killed

I find myself trying to be helpful on my fire mage but it doesn’t always turn out so well.  I was on my mount in Tanaris and I noticed a horde druid getting trained by a few mobs.  I dismounted, frost nova’d, and thought I’d blink myself out of there, being cleverly helpful.  Well I didn’t notice I was low on mana from recasting all my stuff so I used nova, the druid ran off happily and I got dazed and beat to death.

Then today I was in Western Plaguelands and noticed a douchebag horde frost mage starting an AOE pull.  I find it especially obnoxious to do in an open area with other players.  Anyway this person rounds up like 5 ghouls but they happened to aggro an Alliance paladin somewhat near by.  The guy watches the paladin get aggro, walks up, does nothing, then just runs off.  I bounced to the paladin, nova’d as one goes and yelled RUN.  Well, he doesn’t, he invites me to group and tries to fight them.  I had started to run but I came back to help and guess what.  We both died.  Sigh.

Oh and the warlock that laughed at me when spell batching caused me to overpull and almost die? Fuck you Necropost.  On the upside since the servers don’t have CRZ, or group finder, I will just note this name down and if they need anything ever, refuse them. HA.

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