My Luck with Guilds for the past 5 or so years

It’s been a weird thing but since Post Mortem I haven’t been in a very active guild which means not since Mist of Panderia.  For example:

Left Post Mortem, went to Time Lords.  They were active and raiding until one day, they all packed up and left.  They didn’t like the guilds “Disney Rules” because swearing was just too awesome I guess.  Guild was dead, left.

I honestly lose track of the names but I went to another guild which disbanded and went to another guild.  Which disbanded and went to another server. Which died…

Then in Classic, I already told those stories but now Molten Core is dead, not raiding, no one logging in, etc.  They were forming a pvp group but absolutely nothing has happened.  Makes for boring play and I’ve literally done NO dungeons as my priest.  I do love pvp healing though Alliance loses pretty much constantly. This weekend for AB I’m at like 3/20.

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