Classic Bgs

Even though I lose A LOT I’m still for the majority of the time having fun!  I think yesterday I lost every single bg and today only won 1, which should have been 2 but who knows what happened.  We maintained 3 bases until near the end where we were down to 2 only for a little bit of time they recap’d a 3, but for some reason Horde won.  The entire bg Alliance side erupted with “WHAT!?!?!”



The night prior I had someone tell me I was a ‘smooth brain’ because I said we weren’t going to win because we had no HKs.  I’m talking like Horde had 5x more than us.  He insulted me a whole bunch and said you can win Arathi without a lot of Hks by ‘spinning and ccing’.  I have never, EVER won an AB where we were massively behind in HKs.  EVER.  It’s basically a 5 base king of the hill and you can’t take a flag by ‘spinning and ccing’ if you can’t kill the defenders.  What an idiot.


THIS was a win.  See how our hks are way way better? It’s a clear pattern.


Even so though it’s a good time in general.  I haven’t pvp’d this much in a long long time.

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