I rage quit and uninstalled Overwatch

Overwatch has been boring for a while.  I realize they introduced more modes, maps, and even god damn new heroes, but honestly there wasn’t a point of playing.  There’s no PROGRESSION.  And the PVE events that I liked very much, are ONLY like twice a year!

I’m from an RPG background.  You level up, get better armor, collect cool items, get money.  Money in Overwatch means nothing, you buy skins and other things that have no effect on the game play.  Levels mean nothing.  Winning means nothing.  Now playing games just as an activity is fine, like in Simcity you don’t “win” anything but it’s fun to build different cities or plan on different end goals like getting a space port or perfect traffic.  There’s none of that with Overwatch.

Last night really did it in for me though.  Literally every game ha a Bastion and he’s so ridiculously OP your entire team has to focus on getting rid of them.  He can kill even a tank in about 1 second, even through a Zarya shield!  He can outheal Dva throwing rockets in his face and shooting at him like it’s nothing. If 1 class makes 6 other people have to focus them just to kill them, it’s insane.  But like I said, literally every game had a Bastion, or a Bastion behind a shield, or 2 shields, or 3 shields.  Or we’d be winning just fine and Desperation bastion came out and tipped the scales to a loss. I could be Zarya with a fully charged laser, pop bubble and try to kill Bastion and I COULDN’T.

That was bad enough but then the newest hero, Echo, is also stupid.  She can stay in the air what feels like forever and has three attacks that don’t appear to be on a GCD and she can just use one after another after another with no delay, no recharge, nothing. Then she can duplicate any hero and have their ult up in seconds. I was playing Dva on that movie set map and we were having a hell of a time with both Bastion and Torb, if I remember right.  I landed a mech bomb perfectly and killed 4 people.  We took the point and trucked along.

However fucking Echo kept picking Bastion for her ult and got 3 kills every fucking time she turned into him.  Over and over and over.  I can’t remember if we won or lost, but when she got PotG instead of my 4 kill, I quite literally quit and uninstalled the game.

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