People like this

I was out in Western Plaguelands just grinding mobs.  It’s like the old L2 days trying to level or get a drop, only with WoW, you will eventually get a drop.  So far I’ve gotten some nice items like a Blue Sapphire which got me around 25g and a Unicorn ring which was another 15 I think.  Not bad.

That being said it’s funny to find into people just completely utterly clueless and rude.  I was fighting some Scarlet Crusade groups when a hunter comes up to me and asks a question.  I’m like mid-fight.

You can see I immediately answered him but before I even finish looting the mob he says “good talk” and BLOCKS me.  Like really? You interrupt me killing something and expect an immediate reply and when you don’t, you block the person? GG.  And of course it was a HUNTER.

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