Mage Vending Machines

Playing a mage is interesting because people can get portals, food and water from you.  Peoples social skills really fail in asking and compensating for these things, let me tell you. Just recently I had…

A nelf ask for a portal to Darn and tipped nothing.  I basically gave them like 20s the cost of the rune.

A paladin who wanted water, so grouped with me to find me in the plaguelands.  He then ran up and looted the mob I had just killed, taking my loot, then paid me 50 whole silver for 2 stacks of level 55 water.  Really the loot thing pissed me off the most even though it was just silver and some cloth.  Very rude.

In bgs lately I just summon like 200 waters and say “open trade for water” then I give all healer  types 2 stacks.  But sometimes people throw up a trade if I’ve said nothing and just sit there.  I like to target them, turn towards them and do nothing.  I’m not a gumball machine, you can’t just tap me and expect water or food to fall out.  The best part is when I say “open trade for water” and have someone throw up a window and ask for food.  I’m not summoning FOOD I’m doing WATER.

But the funny thing is, when I offer it for free in bgs, more than half don’t even say thanks.  Clearly I do not expect a tip in bgs but at least say thanks. It takes time to summon a bag full of water, like 3 full mana bars which just don’t refill themselves instantly.

Oddly enough all in the same night of the paladin stealing my loot, another paladin found me, asked for 80 waters, and tipped 3g.  And said thanks!  That’s how you do it!

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