Our priest did not show up, again, for our DS raid so we pugged a priest named Kerigor who was disc.

They were geared, and a good healer, but made the overall raid quite unpleasant with little sniping comments people found annoying.  Usually we joke and talk a lot but this person seemed to dampen the entire mood and vent stayed basically quiet.  We were told we should 2 heal the first boss (repeatedly), asked multiple times if there was a cauldron after we said no, comments about the tentacle trash being done wrong, how he was top heals, etc etc.  Being told to do things better isn’t annoying in itself but it was just the way it was said, to the point that Jynx raged at him about leaving if he didn’t like it.  Oddly enough he did not leave.


He was insistent we also 2 heal Ultraxion so I was like sure we can try.  We did get it down though, with him dpsing since the druid and I have no dps spec.  Pretty tired of Vanq tokens at this point though, between DS10 and LFR I’ve seen at least 10 of them drop, no joke.

Blackhorn trash went poorly and we called it after that point.

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