Lineage 2

The other day I was going down memory lame with an old L2 player when it came to light about all the private servers still running. I think I may go back and play!  Believe it or not, a grindy game is rather appealing right now.  For instance I like going into New World and just chopping trees for a long while.  It’s relaxing.  In WoW I use to fly around collecting ore and or herbs until my gathering bag was full and again, it was relaxing jumping from point to point.

That being said I was honestly considering what class I’d play again.  Like what has the most sustain?

Back in the day, the people that were farmer enforcers like “Jeffyee” were dagger class characters. They would equip the Cursed Main Gauche (if I remember that correctly) which I think either had a bleed effect or the skill the dark elf dagger class had the bleed.  Anyway they were good for PKing people who didn’t clear out of the farmers territory.

Then later one of the famous PKers on Kain was Scabies, and he was a light elven archer.  That was because they were the fastest (I believe), could hit at a distance and then f right off.

But dagger and archers cannot heal themselves.

Now spellsingers were brutal because they had an instant cast mass sleep cloud, super fast spells, and that aura flare which in the first few chronicles, would tear a person up.  But had no way to get mana back.

Human sorcs had the same problem as far as I remember.

But Spellhowlers, one of which I played back then named RedVex,  had what I remember as “body to mind” which meant they could trade health for mana, and CDL (corpse life drain) where they could regain life from corpses.  So really great self sustain.  They weren’t the quickest casters but for just grinding around, I think that might be my best solo best without having a dual box SE.  I lost my SE Silverveil when the accounts upgraded anyway. Sigh.