Old School Veteran Noob

So I started playing L2Reborn and in general I’m enjoying it.  No bots, no multiboxing, what appears to be a healthy server population.

But at level 38, I’m figuring out the community so far absolutely sucks.

I will say when I just started and made it to the DE village, someone gave me 1 million adena, then ran right off when I said I was new to the server but had played before.  No invite to an academy.

Made it to Gludin, made it to Gludio, got killed in RoA for no reason.  Someone started attacking me so I attacked back, then another person joined in and killed me.  Ok I was just grinding?

No one has given me buffs just in passing, but a SE did run up to me in EG and try to extort 15k for buffs.  Like no? I’m new, I have little money and you want to charge me? What kind of asshole are you?  Back in the day I use to buff people as I ran through areas just to be nice.

Then someone was recruiting even new players in shout, so I ask if I can join.  They ask me my level, I reply, then they never replied again. Uh cool?

The final straw that made me write this was…. other than no one buffing me, asking if I wanted to join a clan, etc (behavior that was common in retail L2 back in the day) was I got PK’d in the Execution Grounds for no reason.  I was 99% into level 38 when a necromancer with a cursed man PK’d me. Literally no one was in that zone or area for like 2 straight hours.  I called him an asshole, he said “why” and then logged out. The community blows.