In my 50’s

So! I’m about to hit 56 and things have been going pretty well.  I did finally get an invite to a clan but I’m honestly shocked it didn’t happen before it did.  I am glad I picked phantom summoner because I can easily solo white mobs even 2-3x hp mobs with Shadow and I barely even have to heal.  Beast shots are cheap and I can carry like 15k of them easily.  I don’t have to stop and rest basically ever, unless I’m resummoning and rebuffing but at no point do I have to sit down and wait.

As I understand it, on this server there are clearly classes that no one plays.  I guess no one bothers with any tank and bishop is considered the best healer but otherwise completely useless because he has no damage buffs of any kind.  How it was back in the day too I guess.  #noregrets though playing one for so long.

Anyway apparently a PS is the worst summoner because it doesn’t have features for a party.  Like a warlock has buffs that are good for melee, I think, and elemental summoner has good buffs for mages.  But PS has nothing.

Class balance in this game was always trash, though.

But since I basically do nothing but log in and solo, PS fits me just fine.  I made enough money to purchase a homu with acumen and I’m hoping to buy BW light at some point.  I melee with my shadow because that’s the play style I decided to take.  I don’t buy shots for myself though because earning money is hard enough as it is.

It’s enjoyable though, and my clan is fun just chatting.