It was Lag

It seems like this patch, more than any other I’ve noticed, people are coming into the new dungeons completely and ridiculously under geared. People with equipped ilevel 340, wearing mostly pvp blues, or a bunch of 316 pve blues. Today I even had a ret pally with NO glyphs, no gems, no enchants, and a mismash of blues and some epics, pulling 8k in Well of Eternity. The first boss took twice as long as usual and the Dk tank pointed out that the second one might not go well. I heaped a bit of abuse on the pally who said nothing the entire time, and we figured him/her as a bot and kicked them.

The hunter was in almost all pvp blues also doing 8k dps but was blaming it on “lag”. During the last fight in Well I pointed out that they died straight away to fire, and that their gear sucked ass, so lag was probably less of their issue than they figured. I got the usual “dude relax I’m trying to gear up” stuff. Well everyone wants to gear up, but what those people are doing is called “being carried”. I pounded out regular dungeons and bgs on my poorly geared shaman to swap out all my crap gear for at least 3 pc t12 and related pve epics. But dps have it a lot easier since you can do bad and be carried by the healer and tanks. A badly geared healer, just gets kicked out.

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