Patch Day

The patch dropped and I found myself not really sure what I wanted to transmog on this char.  For now I went with Robes of Dissention and Archus Greatstaff of Antonidas.  I like the firelands shoulders too much to switch.


The reforger was moved in with the void storage and transmog guys so it was packed.

Anyway got the Tyrael’s Charger and I like it but the legs look decidedly stubby for some reason. The wings also have a “breathing” motion which seems not quite as sweeping as Tyrael’s wings in Diablo 2.

Queued with Maice for the first new instance and even tank/heals it was an 8 minute queue.  Sealan said earlier it was 40 minutes.


He solo’d like the last 2 mill of Sylvanas, just like Garfrost back in the ICC 5 mans XD

And this fight was just fun


One of the quests gave me a 378 helm but the one I had is still better. Nothing dropped for me.

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