Fail Firelands

Tried to do Rag last night with Ralidens Family Crypt people but we failed at the first hammer pretty much for 2 hours. I wasn’t terribly concerned about lack of progress and basically spent the time talking with Ladiesman. BUT. We had three healers but I was having difficulties keeping my mp up, having to resort to flash heals quite a bit to hit people that were low and not being brought up very quickly, while also putting out about 50% of the heals on the tanks. I’m also very use to hearing whoever is popping the traps to call it out before it hits, and neither mage was doing that, and they were sometimes popped when people were low on health and once even brought the tank down to 10% with a trap hit.

We survived the hammer once I think, but died shortly after when most people were not in place for seeds or grouping for the big hammer. Oh well, was something to do I guess. Next patch soon!

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