Pickpocket Hagara

Was supposed to raid DS 10 with Rayzo tonight but he showed up late, and apparently no one waited and all logged. Talked to Lilawolf in the meantime and was going to join another raid but instead of waiting a few minutes on me they got some other disc priest.

The reason I had to ask for a few minutes before I could join, is because I ran Well of Eternity for the satchel, but ended up getting Foul Gift of the Demon Lord as well, which I used to replace Eye of Blazing Power. I liked the Eye trinket but the Demon Lord one has the same exact int, and a more useful on equip ability of a lot of mastery (which turns out to be awesome sauce). But unfortunately unlike the groups that wait forever for a healer or whatever when I’m ready to go, this one didn’t wait. Oh well that trinket was worth it.

Was halfway through another satchel run, when I got added to that raid anyway. Huzzah! The first boss went fine, the next one we wiped on over and over and over. The healing we had to put out was incredible and I was going OOM pretty fast. Anyway we swapped out the pally for a druid healer, and got it down. 2 bosses and no loot that applied to me.

On the third guy with the slimes, we should have had it but wiped like 4 times and by then I had to go. Poor Rayzo, I really wanted to last until the pick pocket boss.

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