Loot council

Logged in and got picked up for a VoW raid of Ragnaros, one shotted that. They do loot council which means pugs have no chance at gear basically. But they said that at the start so fairs fair.

After that got in a BoT with Mylittlepwnie/Turnizzle and lost a dps after Halfus, then lost another dps at the dragons. Wiped once at council, then got that and Cho’gall down. My trinket did not drop.

I was asked by someone earlier in the day to help raid lead Firelands if we get another group going but I’m not sure how helpful I would be. When I heal I don’t pay attention to the things a boss is doing that everyone needs to know, at least not enough to call it out in advance, I’m aware it’s happening but checking timers and watching health bars would be poor for everyone’s health XD

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