1 year

So it’s been a year now that I’ve been writing in this, since I believe I originally started around the Halloween event.

When I logged in this morning I got nabbed by Khazzid to try this rare spawn, but 3 people weren’t enough so we formed up properly and got him down.


I won a JC design, which … well my JCer is on another server now, and Arrowsinger Leggards.  I had won a heroic BOE gun in a BoT run earlier in the week which sold for about 2k and I’m hoping the pants get around 4k.  I dropped about 18k on a firelands weapon for my mage as it was.

We’re back to the Halloween event and my shaman got a decent ring off it, though my other characters don’t really need anything.  The mage might, since the items are 365 now.


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