Try Healing Maybe?

The Z dungeon pain continues again today and I’m starting to see why I’m having more of a problem on dps rather than on heals.  When I’m healing, I eliminate the possibility of there being a bad healer, because I’m doing the healing.

For example last time we had a paladin healer who just… wasn’t healing.  I hit 30% on a pack of trash and counted to 30, not a single heal.  The trash was killed and still I stood there at 30%.  The next trash was marked with moon for Sheep and they had enough time to say “sheep it” then “can’t you sheep it” and for me to reply “maybe if I get a heal’ because my hp was no longer, at 30% ish.  This same healer wiped us repeatedly at the panther boss, while I watched their mp bar move not a bit during most of the fight, before we all died, anyway. They claimed they were casting heals but nothing was going out.

Then later, the DK and I duo’d this guy from around 50% health to dead.


I’m really liking the mage again.  Evo healing the damage, ice blocking damage that would have killed me, blinking or invizing out of trouble, fun!

Our healer, a disc priest, was in full pvp gear though, but still did ok.  I know you lose a large amount of some off stat in pvp gear but the priest stuff has int, spirit so it’s not, TOO awful. You just..

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