Killing Flight masters

Had, all kinds of fun today!

First I went to see if I could kill a horde flight master (level 85 elite with 2 enraged flight critters). And yes, I can. I killed this guy, before and after shots.



When I have time I’ll try it at other towns.

Ok, and the unfairness towards horde really bugs me sometime.  To get to their straw man to douse it, you have to fly over Undercity which flags you before you even get there.  They on the other hand, get to come outside of the city, NOT flag UNTIL they douse it. I mean, what the fuck is that?  I even clapped for a mage that settled down next to me safely NOT FLAGGED, cast a portal, doused it all while not flagged, got flagged, and took the portal back to the town.  That was a good idea, but again, what the fuck.

Anyway I camped our area and killed many horde.


took a break and killed the Whale Shark for the achievement


and the best part was stealing this guys wings then beating him to death with it.


yes, I realize I had a hunter with me, but he was 84 in almost all greens, 293 ilevel.  So shush.

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