Always Going HAM

Ran into yet another member of “Always going HAM”, this time a paladin named Mickinze. Usually I yell “SANDWICH” because it’s such a dumb name. He bragged that most of his characters were on Tich, he has a rogue, and that he knows how to fight priests, and it would only take a handful of rogue skills to take me out. So we dueled, him being ret, and I almost casually kept him off me and didn’t resort to pain supp nor ever had to trinket.

He then stopped, bitched about priest fear and bubbles, and said “ok now”. Expecting a stun and mad burst I did pain supp that one , feared and void tendril’d to waste the burst going out. Then it was just GG. Then he asked if I wanted to do 2’s. That’s usually how it goes. I said maybe later.

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