Chinese translations for Lineage fing 2

And ok dude where is Stout when you need him? I watched a druid today, a level 88, fight a rare.  I felt sorry and threw a shield and a heal and the thing ran at me and stunned me even though I didn’t touch it.  Anyway after it died the druid yelled “yao ni ming” so for kicks I looked up “yao ni ming translation” and what comes up?

YEAH THAT’S RIGHT.  Chinese translations for Lineage fing 2.  FIGURES XD

Speaking of figures, the hunter I invited, Echoes, who never logged in for more than a few seconds for the last 20 days or so, server transferred.  Which is just weird because he came to this server saying his old one was dead.  While I was poking around finding that out, I found out that Rhorik, our new raid druid, also server transferred.  Silly called this “LootNScoot” which I thought was hilarious.  And true!  So what is up with druids anyway?  We lost Treeheal, then we had that bad druid  Lunais, now this guy. So raid was called tonight.

Oh and that trinket that never drops? It dropped for Nilvana when they raided on Wednesday, when I was out. Figures.

Anyway did Nalak, nothing, Oon, nothing, good stuff.  Oh and Horridon, nothing. Um let’s see.  I was being a sarcastic ass in trade too.  Such as:

guy: dose water have a xperation date?

me: No, but English does.

I got several lol’s over that one. Bored!

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