Pugging in Raid

We did not raid Tuesday night and Wednesday we had to pug 2 healers and use Annibelle as ranged DPS.  It was that or call it for the night.  As it was we stood around for 45 mins trying to get the raid together.  Angey did not show up, Dor was not there, as mentioned before the druid left.  I told Silly flat out that if Horridon’s trinket drops I will not, not lose it to a pug.  I said I would rage quit if that happened, not even kidding.  It didn’t drop of course. The healers we had, Iroha, and Kokoro both did well.

We cleared up to Ji-Kun before time was up.  Between our raid attendance and me often being the only person logged on in guild for the better part of the mornings/afternoons, I think it may be time to look for other options.  Here’s me just looking AWESOME.


I was kind of hoping Ladiesman would get back on, both to rematch in a 1v1 with my full pvp gear and to ask about other servers.

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