It seems we’re losing people in my guild left and right. We lost the pvp shaman I did 2’s with once, Parashimi and her alt, Dejavu, Ran/OnenightStab quit, Boomyx quit saying it was because we don’t run RBGs any more. That seems like a ridiculous thing to say on a PVE server, when no other guilds run RBGs. At least, none that I know of, and I watch for them. A few others I didn’t even know left as well, Zakhyru because they found a raid, Zeffa over some huff of some sort, etc.

I just find it amusing because I’ve been in a number of guilds and they are ALL THE SAME. There’s usually one, maybe two raid groups, sometimes an RBG team. Usually the second raid team dwindles down to just 1 team. The RBG group stops. People are like AMG I’m not entertained armchair-like! I’m out!

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