Alliance is so bad

Ran two EoTs with Jan, Maice, and Truii on his rogue, and we lost both. Alliance is so bad.

Then got together with Pom’s group for rbgs, lost AB, then lost Gilneas. It wasn’t even a good loss either, it was stuff like having 2 at WW, no one at mines, but not being able to take LH back. Or taking LH, leaving it abandoned and a single horde taking it. AB was a little better though I was at WW during Gilneas the whole time with nothing to do, with one other person. They called that as fail.

Then did some arena 3’s with Jan and Nilv, then with Maice. 2 healers doesn’t work so well but we got a win or two with the DK. Tonight has been frustrating with only losing rating.

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