Last night we cleared the rest of the bosses and were finished at like, 9:30? I think.  I had a number of stupid deaths, wasn’t really happy.  Died at the end of Rhyolith skipping over a fire trail I couldn’t really see because of where the boss was, died on the trash to Rag TWICE, once when I was being spun around casting penance on Jeeves and again camera angle made me miss I was standing in shit, and didn’t get out of that fire plume fast enough on the dragons and died. Sigh.  One of those nights I guess.

Anyway, have 4 pc t12 now when I was the only roll (21 ffs!) on the shoulders token.


We also had um, 2 wipes on Baleroc I think because I wasn’t getting heals off quick enough and was confused at first about when to switch.  We two healed that one when usually we have three.  After that we tried heroic Throne of the 4 Winds but that proved to be too much and did it on normal (I recall Peejay saying it was heavily comp dependant) and tried heroic Ala’kir and ended up just doing that normal too.

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