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Last night we cleared the rest of the bosses and were finished at like, 9:30? I think.  I had a number of stupid deaths, wasn’t really happy.  Died at the end of Rhyolith skipping over a fire trail I couldn’t really see because of where the boss was, died on the trash to Rag TWICE, once when I was being spun around casting penance on Jeeves and again camera angle made me miss I was standing in shit, and didn’t get out of that fire plume fast enough on the dragons and died. Sigh.  One of those nights I guess.

Anyway, have 4 pc t12 now when I was the only roll (21 ffs!) on the shoulders token.


We also had um, 2 wipes on Baleroc I think because I wasn’t getting heals off quick enough and was confused at first about when to switch.  We two healed that one when usually we have three.  After that we tried heroic Throne of the 4 Winds but that proved to be too much and did it on normal (I recall Peejay saying it was heavily comp dependant) and tried heroic Ala’kir and ended up just doing that normal too.


Last night ran a Deadmines and the second I phased in I was dead.  Not very nice.  Ended up quitting that one and picked up with Pawpados who was running randoms and did 2 more.  Later queue again and got ANOTHER Deadmines that went poorly, we wiped on the thresher boss and the whole group left.  Queue again and got a fast queue with a satchel, and a good group that blew through the instance.  Only got 98g and a potion of concentration though.

While I was doing this, queuing from the Molten Front, I ran into Rayzo and Lilawolf.  Rayzo said he was doing a To4W and I offered to heal it.  I got in a raid with most of my first guild, Relentless, including Lilawolf, Yellowducky, Dustock, Cinor, Shiftthis, and Trenchx.  I only remember the last two a little but the rest I use to regularly raid with.

It took oh, 3 attempts to get the Conclave of Wind, though I didn’t die at all through any of those wipes, and two attempts at Al’akir.  Cinor is still doing 4-5k dps as a tank.  But we got that down, and I got the achievement for that one, FINALLY.


Kind of embarrassing to have taken this long.  I offered to heal for them on my non raiding nights as well, they still need Cho’gall for their guild achievement.

Ala’kir Down

Last night we got down Ala’kir, but I did not get my shattered title since I never did Throne of Tides heroic.  Go figure!


Afterwards we went to Firelands and tried Shannox.  Fun fight, I liked it a lot.  We got him to 400k once, but people getting trapped in crystal traps too much, really put a damper on things.  If you have to spend 30 seconds dpsing a crystal trap, plus the person inside isn’t doing anything for that one, it’s hard to recover from.  One a fight is ok but it seemed 2 or more, you may as well just wipe.  I got caught in one in several attempts well after midnight but that was it.


One of the healers in the group seems to have continual computer problems though.  They are lagging, disconnecting, going random afk without saying anything, etc.  It’s a little frustrating to wipe on a boss then find out your healer was afk because they were outside yelling at a dog or something without mentioning it.  This is probably why most raids have rules about afking like that.

When Awful Raiders Leave

Instead of trying Nef again last night we did Throne, with me on the platform with Rohash with Arkwin only.  I had respec’d to a “PVE” disc spec for this and swapped out some glyphs.  We got that down then tried Ala’kir.

Now, we haven’t tried this seriously like, ever.  And the last attempt was at least a month ago, if not longer.  I wiped the raid once meleeing Ala’kir like a dumb ass when I got too close when I right clicked to turn my camera.  I winced the second I saw my character hit the boss waiting for the backlash.  The warlock also did this once as well but tried to deny it even though someone was posting exactly how much damage he did to it.  The entire night we were treated to a bitchy pissy bear tank, Arwkin and another guy making snarky, rude and unnecessary comments.  Stuff like “gee I wish we weren’t raiding with retards” and “can you guys not be retards?” and lamenting that he doesn’t think there’s anyone competent on the entire server, and so on.    We got to the third phase once or twice but the whole thing was quite unpleasant.  Yes I know I got caught in the squall line, random insults about that isn’t helping. We called it early.

I then tried to do 3’s with Nilv and Dontpuntme but we only got one win and then it was a little too late.  So I did not get my arena cap for either character this week.

Darth left the guild stating he doesn’t think anyone likes him, wants to go to another server, and feels we should be downing 25m content and we aren’t.  Um, seriously? We can barely put together our first raid team, much less 25 COMPETENT people. But ok whatever.  People that aren’t that good at raiding that leave to find a better raiding guild confuse me.


This guy is big

Today I wanted to run a quick heroic Throne of Tides, but I died last on the first boss, went into spirit of redemption mode and died.  on the way back in to her, the way was blocked by bars that would not open.  We could not reset the instance, and going out and back in did not work.  So basically 20 mins wasted for nothing.

I dropped the group and tried to get out, and it repeatedly said “Transfer aborted, instance not found” then said I would be sent to the nearest graveyard, only kept getting looped into the same instance over and over.  Then it lagged on the loading screen for like 3 minutes then logged me out.  Then it went to, world server down on my priest, mage  etc.

Later we do Throne of the Four Winds and get the three bosses down, the Conclave of Wind. Yay! A mail and plate piece drops. Bleh. And this boss, is FING HUGE.