Last night ran a Deadmines and the second I phased in I was dead.  Not very nice.  Ended up quitting that one and picked up with Pawpados who was running randoms and did 2 more.  Later queue again and got ANOTHER Deadmines that went poorly, we wiped on the thresher boss and the whole group left.  Queue again and got a fast queue with a satchel, and a good group that blew through the instance.  Only got 98g and a potion of concentration though.

While I was doing this, queuing from the Molten Front, I ran into Rayzo and Lilawolf.  Rayzo said he was doing a To4W and I offered to heal it.  I got in a raid with most of my first guild, Relentless, including Lilawolf, Yellowducky, Dustock, Cinor, Shiftthis, and Trenchx.  I only remember the last two a little but the rest I use to regularly raid with.

It took oh, 3 attempts to get the Conclave of Wind, though I didn’t die at all through any of those wipes, and two attempts at Al’akir.  Cinor is still doing 4-5k dps as a tank.  But we got that down, and I got the achievement for that one, FINALLY.


Kind of embarrassing to have taken this long.  I offered to heal for them on my non raiding nights as well, they still need Cho’gall for their guild achievement.

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