This needs to be a skill

I wish I had a skill to do this to horde in pvp.


I’m starting to think that running regular heroics are a joke any more.  I got Deadmines, we wiped on the thresher boss, left that group, got a horrible Stonecore group where we wiped at least 5x then I left.  Queued up got DM again, left right away.  Queued up again, got DM.  Ran that, wiped on thresher 2x, quit.  Queued again, got DM again.  Wiped on first boss, quit. Got BRC at second boss, got that down, wiped on trash right after when the talk pulled a mess out of LoS and the damage was overwhelming.  They were going for the Arrested Development achievement on Corla, so I did get that.  That whole group left before the third boss, got a new group, finished that one.  So for 4 hours, got one dungeon done, on regular.

The night was considerably better.  I got in an in progress Stonecore, at Ozruk, and the tank died straight away.  He got kicked and we got a new DK and we finished it.  I queued up again and got an in progress Lost City.  This group included a rogue named Kurric from Stormreaver who asked me how Action 9 News was, and said they had played on Whisperwind for nearly 4 years, prior to Wrath.  We had a long conversation about the guilds he was in, what guilds are doing what on WW, why he left, so on and so forth. During that run I got the Kill It With Fire! achievement. We were talking so much he asked me not to leave the group if I wanted to run another, which I did.

So we ran VP, carrying on the entire time, and by the end of it I ended up with a new real id, rogue friend.


What’s up with me and rogues? I dunno, but I like them!

Got my gloves and now I have a 2pc t12 set. yay!

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