This guy is big

Today I wanted to run a quick heroic Throne of Tides, but I died last on the first boss, went into spirit of redemption mode and died.  on the way back in to her, the way was blocked by bars that would not open.  We could not reset the instance, and going out and back in did not work.  So basically 20 mins wasted for nothing.

I dropped the group and tried to get out, and it repeatedly said “Transfer aborted, instance not found” then said I would be sent to the nearest graveyard, only kept getting looped into the same instance over and over.  Then it lagged on the loading screen for like 3 minutes then logged me out.  Then it went to, world server down on my priest, mage  etc.

Later we do Throne of the Four Winds and get the three bosses down, the Conclave of Wind. Yay! A mail and plate piece drops. Bleh. And this boss, is FING HUGE.


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