5 man Dungeons use to be Hard

Today I try again for Throne of the Tides on heroic, and we wipe on trash, wipe on the first boss. This time I did not die last, so it didn’t bug. Then we wipe again. And again. The problem seems to be the dps, with the warlock at 9k, and the DK at 6k, and the mage at 5. The tank gives them a talking to at that point. The DK gets a smart mouth about standing in the spouts too. We wipe again. 43g in repairs. The next time we get it though the DK did die. We get down the next boss, but I lose track of the amounts of times I die in this dungeon. We kicked the DK for “terrible dps”, plus the bad attitude. We do get it finished though nothing I need dropped.

I go and take a look at the valor point priest stuff, and ugly, ugly. Can’t I just keep my blues? Way prettier. I have 2000 honor I have nothing else to do with also so I pick up my shoulders, even though I don’t need a 5 piece set.

After that annoying dungeon I run IoC and we win, then Battle of Gilneas. At one point I saw someone pick up our flag, and without running across the room out to the doorway. Anyway we lose that one. We lose TB too, with people screaming in frustration in raid about how bad alliance is. I really don’t think some people understand just how hard it is to win, at prime time though.

At night I run a 3v3 with Pauldie on his warlock and Janusz, and me on shadow. The rights go pretty fast, overall. I’m not looking to do anything but the minimum right now since I’m still mostly geared for healing. I get the World Wide Winner achievement.

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