Kissing rogues is probably a bad idea

Ran TB and won it, and I didn’t die the entire battle, and killed many horde.  The next two battles I didn’t get in at all though.

I went back to herbing in Twilight Highlands, after deciding to stick to only making a few flasks and selling the other herbs for income.   I need my transmute living elements for cloth for my mage, and farming enough herbs to make all flasks nets me no money at all for raid repairs and such.  I am going to focus on making the spirit and int flasks and sell the others.

Speaking of flask making, I made 5 Flowing Water and 5 draconic mind and not a single one proc’d.  UGH.  The Steelskin ones proc a few times though.

I catch a TB battle with Nilvana later in the afternoon, and on my way to defend a tower I run into a rogue named [url=]Ladîesman[/url], yes with the character like that.  I’ve seen him many times in WG too. For some reason the alliance that were there all ran off and I was left to deal with the blood elf rogue myself, and I killed him and blew a kiss at the bones.  At 20% health I go to run off but he’s back already, saps me and kills me. Bleh.

Later I run into him again at Slagworks


and he shakes off dying at least twice by doing whatever rogue trickery they do to throw off my dots and vanish.  But, apparently I’ve made a fan.


We successfully defend, and it was quite a fun battle.

Later we run Baradin’s Hold and get it in the first try, unlike that other night where things went so bad.  A very nice pvp trinket drops, and Leonz says he’ll give it to me if he wins, which he does, and he gives it to me.  So of course this means free strength flasks, which fortunately come from herbs that I have an easier time finding than others.  I also make him an Embersilk bag on my mage and mail it off.

Since the raid tonight did not go down, we form up with Maice, me, Seanjohn, Darth, Stout and run a heroic, and get Deadmines.  That goes fine, though nothing dropped I could use.  I really need to do these daily as I am still only at around 770 valor points.

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