Druids are funny

I spent most of today herbing and put around 15 flasks in the GB.  Also did a few TB battles and in the second one, we took it back.  I ran into Rexe a few times here, so my pvp mage friend is back in the action.


As I’m out herbing in Twilight Highlands, I drop down to get a Cinderbloom and a druid named Elini calls me an “herb stealer”.  I pm them and say that’s funny coming from a druid and they say ‘not this druid’ knowing full well, I’m sure, their rep for being node stealing whores.  But, let’s be honest.  It wasn’t a Twilight Jasmine, it was a Cinderbloom.  They spawn in Twilight Highlands, Uldum, Hyjal, Tol Barad, Deepholm… basically EVERYWHERE.  I don’t even bother picking them up sometimes they are so common.

Later, since we didn’t have enough people on for the raid, we run Throne of Tides but the helm upgrade I wanted didn’t drop.  I died twice but the run went fast and overall very well, and IMO there are parts in this dungeon where dying is a little inevitable.

After that I run with Jan and Pauldie helping with TB dailies, which I had done earlier, then we run a few bgs before I have to log,

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