I always get Rohash

Today I did half of the Tol Barad dailies and got Exalted with Baradin Wardens.  I picked up the Mandala of Strirring Patterns epic, rather than buying the dragon, since my trinkets were still from normal dungeons.

At night we head to do Throne of the Four Winds.


I get to stay on Rohash which I like because I won’t need to move.  This one is harder than it sounds just because it has a wind blast, which throws you off the platform and I only survived it once, the other times I spun around taking damage until I died, another time I was thrown again a building and took falling damage and died.  And depending on when and where the boss starts the blast, even if you see him starting to cast it, and move before he casts it, it can still catch you and blast you off the platform.

We do well on it and almost get it, but there are serious server problems and the world server went down twice during the raid, Leonz went offline and didn’t come back, then Nilvana lost power and couldn’t come back, so we called it. We formed up for a heroic then like 5 people dropped because of world server.

So we formed up for the Baradin Hold raid but because of tank issues, I guess it was, we wiped 3 times then gave up because it was too close to battle.  Recount showed the other healer doing as much as me, but visually I felt like I was solo healing, watching the health bars.  That and I dropped to 50% mp in like 30 seconds trying to keep people up.

The TB battle begins and I do not get in, and I run a EotS with Jan. Afterwards we try the TB boss again. We wipe four times then I give up.  The magic dot has to be dispelled the SECOND it comes out or people drop, and the healing is difficult to keep up with. But.. it’s just way too late.  I leave without getting it.

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