Pus Ball of Snot Boogers

Did some herb farming today, ran all my Tol Barad quests, and at least one battle, and I think by tomorrow I should be exalted with Baradin Hold.  I need like 30 more badges to get that drake though.  I was going to get the trinket first, but it’ll be easier to get up to like 125 badges then start over again up to 200.  Plus I’m tired of the bronze drake.

I was going to hold out until the patch to make flasks but I caved and used my entire bag of herbs and then some and made about twenty.  People that do things for me get them for free, friends that do not reciprocate get a discount. A girl has to be pay her raid costs some how!

It took like an hour and a half but we got the golem bosses down. I win the epic ring, Security Measure Alpha. I like that name! Sure beats “Pus Ball of Snot Boogers” like from ICC.


Oh and we hit guild level 10 during this as well!

I wouldn’t decorate my place in dead dragons, personally.


then we head to this guy…


but despite the fight being called a tank and spank, it’s not quite that easy and we don’t get it.  But it’s late and we call it after a few tries.

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