I dislike Stonecore

Did all the quests in Tol Barad today and got the 100 quests in Tol Barad achievement.  And I must say, they need to do something about that shark, Tank, when doing the quest for the rum barrels.  He killed me twice, and there wasn’t really anything I could do about it, since he swims directly in the area where all the barrels spawn.

I get in a Heroic Stonecore, and we die, and die, and die.  Oh and we die.  The paladin and I took out Slabhide alone, at the end, though. The paladin didn’t know the last two fights, so that was fantastic.


He was a good sport and didn’t leave though, so , thanks guy.


However after about 3 more wipes on Ozruk, the tank said he was lagging and presumably relogged, and the group kicked him with a quickness. I crack a joke about that, since skeletons all over the ground just cry failure.


We got a druid tank who does well, but most of us die on the boss and I give up. I do buy my new shoulders, gem and enchant them and log off.  Sort of sadfaced Jan wasn’t around to arena, since I would have rather done that.

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