Time Zones

Spent some time NOT getting into Tol Barad farming Jasmine while waiting for the raid.  We got Magmaw down again after 3 tries, and the mage weapon dropped again and a tank piece, I think it was. It was not-cloth at any rate.  The weapon was accidently DE’d, much to Lladins chagrin I am sure. I had this happen at Onyxia one too, like a year ago, they “forgot” they had a mage with them and DE’d that Netherwind Crown, but the GMs did restore it.

I tank healed this again, but it doesn’t feel very tankish when I have aoe heals going off too.

Next is some Omnitrom Defense System thing, all ‘council’ like and stuff. Blizzard, seriously, jazz up the golem models a little bit.


Anyway like the first boss we wipe repeatedly but make progress each time, and at the last attempt we get it to around 30%, I believe.  I seem to be the only one that has to leave, at midnight, but yeah, I have to be up at 6 am.

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