When Awful Raiders Leave

Instead of trying Nef again last night we did Throne, with me on the platform with Rohash with Arkwin only.  I had respec’d to a “PVE” disc spec for this and swapped out some glyphs.  We got that down then tried Ala’kir.

Now, we haven’t tried this seriously like, ever.  And the last attempt was at least a month ago, if not longer.  I wiped the raid once meleeing Ala’kir like a dumb ass when I got too close when I right clicked to turn my camera.  I winced the second I saw my character hit the boss waiting for the backlash.  The warlock also did this once as well but tried to deny it even though someone was posting exactly how much damage he did to it.  The entire night we were treated to a bitchy pissy bear tank, Arwkin and another guy making snarky, rude and unnecessary comments.  Stuff like “gee I wish we weren’t raiding with retards” and “can you guys not be retards?” and lamenting that he doesn’t think there’s anyone competent on the entire server, and so on.    We got to the third phase once or twice but the whole thing was quite unpleasant.  Yes I know I got caught in the squall line, random insults about that isn’t helping. We called it early.

I then tried to do 3’s with Nilv and Dontpuntme but we only got one win and then it was a little too late.  So I did not get my arena cap for either character this week.

Darth left the guild stating he doesn’t think anyone likes him, wants to go to another server, and feels we should be downing 25m content and we aren’t.  Um, seriously? We can barely put together our first raid team, much less 25 COMPETENT people. But ok whatever.  People that aren’t that good at raiding that leave to find a better raiding guild confuse me.


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