Douche-bag mage was a douche

Ran a BH 25 and ended up with about 13k dps as fire.  The firelord gloves dropped, and I rolled a 23 against the only other mage in the group who of course out rolled me.  I had a sneaking suspicion about it so I inspected them and they ALREADY HAD the fire lord gloves.  This, just reinforces my believe that NEARLY all mages are DOUCHE BAGS.

I sent them (Lune) a message saying, don’t you already have the gloves? They said yes they did, why did you need them?  Yes.  Knowing mages fing douchy ass nature, since they admitted they were just going to DE them (DOUCHEBAG OMG) I offered them a Maelstrom crystal in exchange, which they douchily did not turn down.  Douche.

So now at least I have one piece of t11 on my mage.  I did have Grips of the Failed Immortal thanks to Stoutspectre way back when on that Tank quest, but I’d like to get my t11 on this character since it’s pretty sweet looking.

I msg’d Rexe just to say thanks for not being a douche.

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