Shields snipe on charts

Did BWD last night and buzzed through to Nefarian, made a couple of attempts, which were my first real tries, and then called it.

I was asked first if I had a dps spec, which no I do not. So that meant another healer wanted to go. That ticked me off a little to start. I’m disc and holy. I was asked if I could go disc and I said fine. During the Omnotron right I was asked if I went disc and I was probably a little testy when I answered yes because you told me to. Then Seyfer and Arkwin pm’d me saying I was healing a lot better and such. I’m sure it just looked better on the charts; I wasn’t doing any more healing than in holy, and it felt like I was actually doing less. It probably just looked good because I was spamming prayer of healing which ticks off Divine Aegis on several people and makes my numbers jump. I had around 10k healing this time around but let’s be honest, no one was ever dying when I was on holy either, unless it was a mistake of some kind.

I prefer holy in raids because I can renew, CoH on the run, and I like my speedy bubble and guardian spirit. Pain suppression is crap compared to that IMO, and pw barrier is bleh too. I liked it better when it was just a giant PW shield. To cap the night off one of the other guys said something about getting that disc priest they said is so good, so I honestly felt like I’m on the verge of being kicked out of the raid group for someone else.

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