Yesterday I mentioned to Rexe that I was in WG alone and he came along. We defended the fort no problem since I think there was only a horde warlock running around.


The next time we had 5 active people, and the battle was quite fun that time, with horde having instant sieges, and managed to break into the inner courtyard.  I had help from a paladin and 2 warlocks breaking up the vehicles, and the warrior was taking down the towers.  The warlocks shadowed me nearly the entire raid so we had no issues even busting up 3-4 sieges that rolled in at regular intervals.


I had also noticed earlier that Rexe had a cute little pet cub, which he told me you can get in Winterspring, so I went and got one.


It sits down after a while, and will fall asleep if you are idle too long.  I have noticed though that if it sleeps, you have to walk quite a distance away before it “wakes up” and comes back to you.

At night we ran a few battlegrounds with guildies, Pala, Apollo, Alex, Acks, and Tet I think, and got IoC twice, won on, lost one.  This just made me laugh out loud.


After that I ran the new instance, ZG with Seanjohn and Fist.  Fist seems to have a bit of the “go go” impatience that I don’t care for in instances.  He need rolled on two wands that were only slightly worse than the one I spend 3 months raiding to get.  That burns a little.  I had read in forums that some healers didn’t need to use flash heal AT ALL in these dungeons/raids but yeah, lies.  I did hit that coveted “14k heals” mark on the poison boss though.


If we had 2 healers for some reason, I wouldn’t have since I try to work with the other healer and not just spam the charts.  We got that instance done, even though we went through like 4 tanks.

After that I grouped up with Rexe’s group in ZA, and for the first time went in their vent and heard everyone.  That run was pretty rough, and we were not able to get down the boss that transforms into animals.  We kept getting the lynx and the enraged swipe thing it did, there was no outhealing it, at all.  Putting guardian spirit on the person wasn’t enough, the boss would rip through that and still kill the player.  The only way we managed to survive it was to throw guardian spirit AND the paladins hand of protection but of course the next time they did it, we were out of CDs.  We wiped on that a number of times then it was too late and we stopped.

I had at least 200g in repairs for a run that I really don’t need anything from. I think they need to tone it down A LITTLE since from a healing stand point, at this time, it’s harder than normal mode Chimaeron.

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