Ala’kir Down

Last night we got down Ala’kir, but I did not get my shattered title since I never did Throne of Tides heroic.  Go figure!


Afterwards we went to Firelands and tried Shannox.  Fun fight, I liked it a lot.  We got him to 400k once, but people getting trapped in crystal traps too much, really put a damper on things.  If you have to spend 30 seconds dpsing a crystal trap, plus the person inside isn’t doing anything for that one, it’s hard to recover from.  One a fight is ok but it seemed 2 or more, you may as well just wipe.  I got caught in one in several attempts well after midnight but that was it.


One of the healers in the group seems to have continual computer problems though.  They are lagging, disconnecting, going random afk without saying anything, etc.  It’s a little frustrating to wipe on a boss then find out your healer was afk because they were outside yelling at a dog or something without mentioning it.  This is probably why most raids have rules about afking like that.

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