Damn u ugly Skit

Finally got “Storm Capper” in EoTS even though we lost terribly.  I held the flag for 5+ mins and we didn’t get any other bases.  Alliance was busy in mid, even though WE HAD THE FLAG. It took 3 of these (call to arms) to get a win.


Last night we did some little side battles to get Skitmo part of that legendary staff.


at one point he turned into that awful druid healing tree model, to which someone said “damn skit you ugly!” ha ha, no kidding.


We spent the rest of the night finally getting Heroic Shannox down, then tried Heroic Rhyolith but didn’t get that.  My numbers in disc spec, are impressive at anywhere from 12 to 20k.  I still feel it has to do with how recount counts the healing though, since I am certainly not physically doing any more healing than I was as holy.  I’m hoping we do regulars tomorrow so I can maybe have a chance at the shoulders.

The hunter we’ve been bringing, Turtles, has been eh, a bit of an annoyance.  Lots of not listening, like missing the cauldron being put down even though it was announced, being told repeatedly to eat the feast, doing the wrong thing in raids and flat out admitting they “weren’t listening” to the instructions. Etc.  Kind of frustrating.

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