Mana Burn

For some reason Bbqtwilight was harrassing people in Goldshire, and I caught her in the middle of hearthing out.


Yesterday was sort of rough on RBGs.  Pomstar, who leads Pwnography, runs rbgs on a regular basis with varying degrees of success depending on who goes.  Anyway he was looking for healers so I said I’d go, and found myself in a 3rd group of 4 total.  He said we were making two group, but he was the only one leading so after cherry picking his own team and asking someone to lead the second one, they went off to start doing battles while the rest of us were kind of hung out to dry.  Vagisil (with the funny A) lead the second group after another hour or so, and we got Gilneas but did terrible and lost.  It took SO long to get going (near an hour and a half total at least) that I had to go at that point.

Later on I logged in and got a group with Peejay, but the flag carrier and I were running around together alone, and every time 5-7 of the enemy came and pounded me into the dirt.  We lost that too.

At night I ran rbgs with guild, and got Jan invited part way through.  We lost… 2-3, I think, and won 4.  My rating is up to 1475 so I have the Master Sergent title now.  I also picked up the helm and it looks BA’d enough to display.


The funny thing is, one of the battles was an AB and we ran into a Pwnography group.  The names I recognized were Healcrit, Badbadnyc,  Bloodylyfe (something like that) and Sieban.  Wasn’t impressed with any of them.  And by impressed I mean, did they put enough pressure on me that I had to focus on my own survival to the point I couldn’t heal anyone else, or were they injuring my  raid mates enough that I had to use my CDs.  Neither of those things happened and I just danced around the flag spamming holy nova, and fearing as it came up, and mana burned Healcrit.

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