Old dungeon blues cost too much

TB can be pretty sometimes.


Today I was on my shaman trying to get enough honor, to covert to JP, to get my t11 set.  I have robe, pants, and gloves at this point, and VP boots.  I am curious though, why the old dungeon blues cost as much as the epics.

During one WSG battle when I jokingly said I would if we WON when someone said “tits or gtfo” I ended up making real id friends with Octavious from Hellscream. We managed to get into the same AV by queuing in a real id party together at the same time.  I mean, I don’t think the party mattered but it worked.

Later on we had, which had to be without a doubt, the WORST Tol Barad battle I’ve ever been in.  I started out on my shaman and ran to ICG, where I remained solo nearly the entire time while it turned.  Then horde flooded in and took it back.  I switched to my priest, and it just got even worse from there.  We had people staying as ghosts and doing nothing but walking around, we had rogues staying in stealth and merely watching while I took a beat down trying to find someone to heal.  We had people die and stay dead the entire time, then we had seriously about half the raid, just leave.  Horde had probably 5-8 people at every single base, we had maybe 15 people total, with only 5 trying to attack.  We went a good 15 mins at 0/3.

Knowing it was hopeless, and finding no one to heal to help even get to a base, I stayed near the bridge while a hunter and Yomomma tried to kill me.  I ended up catching Yomomma in a fear near the rocks and threw him down.


Where he stayed the remainder of the battle.

After it ended I hopped down there to see him nearly kill a DK, but I grabbed him with another MC and tossed him into the water, barely saving the alliance person.  We both dropped down and he sapped the DK all the way back to the Alliance camp, where he again tried to kill the dk.  But, I was annoying and yanked another MC and walked him to the guards, where he died.


It’s all in good fun I assure you.

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