Ran a regular heroic random last night and once again got Deadmines. I complained mightily about this when I entered and DK said either I had bad luck or I was “inept” but didn’t want to insult me by assuming inept right off the bat. I think being in mostly Firelands gear would have answered that already. Anyway it went poorly to the point that the dk died and he agreed it was just my bad luck and said something insulting about the tank keeping aggro. He left. The tank died to the first boss at the very end and then I left.

After that I got a Grim Batol which took like over an hour since the tank was in ilevel 322, and didn’t know the place at all. We did finish that thought but explaining each fight along the way was annoying.

Ran bgs with Peejay after that, won the first one, then was starting to lose the second one when Rayzo asked if I still needed Nef. YES. Dropped out of that and joined a 25m raid for Nefarion with Peejay who offered to come. We did Atramedes, Chimaeron, then Nef. Brdlady was there, doing terrible dps like usual, and left before nef. We wiped a number of times on Nef but Peejay started organizing things and tanking the adds and we finally got it. I was at 13k heals doing Cinor, who was tanking Nef, and healing Peejay since I was not sure he was going to live with the other healers doing 8k heals or less. But we got it and I FINALLY got my shattered title. I tried to roll for the healing mace but one of the terrible healers got it. I really didn’t need it but damn I wanted it.

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